Optimized route-planning in less than a minute.

MultiRoute is a user-friendly and effective fleetmanagement and route-planning system that;

  • Effectively calculates optimized routes.
  • Allows you to define the criteria of the calculation.
  • Is set up for your specific working procedure.
  •  Is integrated with your ERP-system.
  • Exports routes directly to MultiApp or TomTom-devices.
  • Collects Proof-of-Delivery as either a picture or a signature.
  • Tracks the chauffeur throughout the route.

ON TIME delivery – every time!

With MultiRoute your company will get much more than optmized routeplanning. The user-friendly software leads to significant cost reduction, but also the opportunity to plan the routes after your specific demands. Integration with MultiApp or TomTom Pro functions efficiently and gives you a dynamic interface, that ensures constant adaptability in a busy environment.


Maximized cost reduction at minimal effort

When the addresses are imported into the system, it calculates the optimal allocation of orders on the predefined fleet of vehicles. With a single mouse-click the routes are downloaded to the navigation units.


If the demand for changes in the routes appear during the day, you can easily download these to a given drivers navigation unit. With TomTom Pro the drivers will have access to real-time traffic information.


Significant cost reduction

With the fleetmanagement- and routeoptimization software  MultiRoute from Multiflash A/S your company’stransportation will be safeguarded. The intelligent system reduces the necessary effort to the minimal so you have more time for other issues

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