Optimized routeplanning for all of your fleet

MultiRoute is a user-friendly and effective fleetmanagement and route-planning system that;

  • Effectively calculates optimized routes.
  • Allows you to define the criteria of the calculation.
  • Is set up for your specific working procedure.
  • Is integrated with your ERP-system.
  • Exports routes directly to MultiApp or TomTom-devices.
  • Collects Proof-of-Delivery as either a picture or a signature.
  • Tracks the chauffeur throughout the route.

Read more about MultiRoute here!


Advanced fleetmanagement

User-freindly and cost saving fleetmanagement solution that includes the two systems MultiPack and MultiTrack. The system functions this way: 

  • Advanced fleetmanagement
  • Routeoptimization
  • Online booking of parcels
  • E-mail notification 
  • Track & Trace on the way
  • Proof of delivery
  • Print reports

Read more about  MultiTrack here!


Give your customers the opportunity to book online

MultiPack is a webbased bookingsystem, that automatically prints yours barcode labels.

  • Userfriendly interface
  • Perfect for webshops
  • Print from all kinds of printers
  • Save your customer database
  • Print reports

watch a short demonstration here


A ton of opportunities in the new MultiApp

The navigation-applikation MultiApp is the logic choice when integrating MultiRoute og MultiTrack with a driver-device. The application is based upon the latest version of Google Maps, and navigates your fleet safely around heavy traffic. 


  • Scans barcodes
  • Navigates through traffic
  • Logs time for every start/stop.
  • Registers specific information of your choice.
  • Enables tracking
  • Enables SMS-service.
  • Enables E-mailservice
  • 2-way communication.

Read more about MultiApp here