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Fleet Management

  • Planning
  • Track & Trace
  • Online booking

Route planning

  • 33% less driven kilometers
  • Save time in administration
  • Higher level of service


  • Intelligent navigation solutions
  • App / Traditional navigation-units
  • 2-way communication


  • TomTom
  • Uniconta
  • Android

We're offering

Transport is systems, that can always be optimized. In Multiflash we optimize transport systems with intelligent software and only the most necessary hardware. The mission is to help our customers achieving the best results by developing software solutions that suit their specific needs.


MultiRoute is a route planning tool, that calculates optimized routes for your entire fleet in a few seconds. The system can be integrated with SMS-service.


MultiPack is a webbased booking system, that allows for your customers to print barcode labels on their own printers. The System can be integrated with MultiTrack.


TransBot er avanceret flådestyring til den moderne transportør. Systemet kan integreres med alle Multi-produkterne.


You get a ton of opportunites to strengthen your invoicing purposes and optimize the operation of your business with the new MultiApp.


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Om Multiflash A/S

Resultatorienterede IT-løsninger til intelligent transport
Software development for intelligent transport

Multiflash was founded in 1986 with focus on software development for intelligent transport. In 2002 was the company changed to an "A/S" and are now placed in Hedehusende near Copenhagen.

For us is it not just a question of offering the most recent technologi, but also to make sure that it benefits your company, employees and customers in the best possible way. With IT-solutions from Multiflash A/S are you secured user-friendly solutions, that decreases your transportation expenses and lifts your level of service.

Our customers need to experience the local IT-departments proximity and commitment – and at the same time experience the security by having a nation-wide organization by other experts in the backhand

At Multiflash we take our responsibility as a supplier seriously, and we work from five values, which together accomblish the most optimal cooperation with the customer.


When we take on the task of support and operation of our customers IT, we take responsibility for a very crucial key: reliability. It is fundamential for Multiflash, that our customers doesn’t have to live with downtime and waiting times. Therefore we take responsibility to prevent and/or minimize the inconvenience, no matter if the irregularities is due to external or internal causes.


It is always comforting to know, that the help is right around the corner, when the technology fails. Defect rectification is in many cases possible with remote support, but there are situations, where the problem needs to be solved on-site. As a nation-wide supplier Multiflash can be at the customer within 30 to 60 minutes.


Acces to the right components will secure correct and effective solutions. Therefore the team from Multiflash is formed of specialists within all disciplins regarding IT – a crucial prerequisite to make sure our customers gets the correct solution.


The term security is of a size with many interpretations. For Multiflash is a secure situation regarding the customers IT and data directly tied with the company’s existence. The highest level of security is however, also the most expensive solution, and at Multiflash we focus on delivering the best security based on the specific needs.

Value creation

To create value with your effort is the vital condition for success. Therefore we at Multiflash is focused on increasing the effectiveness and develop functions and IT-solutions, that can create value for the customers.



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