Integration with TomTom

Integration with advanced navigation-units

TomTom Webfleet

Synergies from integration

Integrating the products from Multiflash with the TomTom® PRO navigation units provides a wide range of benefits. 

TomTom delivers the most advanced technology available. The PRO-units enables a wide range of opportunities. The Webfleet dashboard provides realtime tracking and vehicle-information.  

By integrating the products from Multiflash with the advanced TomTom PRO units you have the perfect tools for managing and optimizing your entire fleet. 

With mmore than 45.000 users Webfleet is the most popular product on the market.

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Benefits from integrating with TomTom:

  • Realtime traffic
  • Webbased acces
  • Tracking of vehicle possitions
  • Dashboard with fleetinformation
  • Driving behaviour 
  • Fuel saving
  • Track speed
  • Generate reports
  • 2-way communication
  • Voice-controlled units
  • Newest maps
  • Geo-fencing